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Soho is district located in the City of Westminster, west end London. Presumably the most famous area in London, Soho is known as a center of entertainment, commercial and sex industry. Beginning in the 1980s, Soho has been transforming from a hip, alternative district centered around a small and controversial closed society into an uptown area with exclusive shops, avant-garde restaurants and general enterprises open to the general public, only a small part of the sex industry remained, for example escorts in Soho, one of the most prominent businesses.

Soho is a relatively small area in central London, its residents include both rich and poor, amazing residences beside ruins where squatters settle down. It is so popular during weekends, because of its many clubs, nightclubs,bars and an occasional sex shop here and there, that it gets closed off for traffic, basically Soho is the place to be in London if you want some fun.

Berwick Street is the place to go if you are planning on doing some shopping, underground vinyl stores and all the funky shit you will not find anywhere else. Soho was mentioned by many musicians and appears in multiple song lyrics.
But the most important thing about Soho is the sex industry, the area was a symbol of it for over 200 years, famous all over the world, or infamous, depending on how you look at it.

50 years ago it was packed with prostitutes and almost a hundred strip clubs littered all over the place. Even when the anti prostitution act came out from the authorities, local cops kept a blind eye and an open pocket when it came to Soho escorts. Even in these days it is still an open business there, escorts in Soho operate in studio flats and not on the streets, there is an adult cinema, a few clip joints, and many sex shops legal and illegal.

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