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Paddington is a pretty damn boring part of London, it is home the world famous Paddington Bear cartoon character but nothing much apart from that little guy, that is all the more reason to hire yourself some Paddington escorts to keep you entertained while visiting. 1847 is the year that Paddington Station opened, after many troubling years of development, its size can make an impression when you visit it the first time, it is enormous, gigantic. We sincerely hope that an escort in Paddington will use the same words when you hire one.

The other place in Paddington worth visiting is the famous Saint Mary’s Hospital founded in 1845, it is famous for many discoveries like heroin, penicillin and morphine. Hospital itself might give you some ideas as of how to spend the night with your escort girl, how about some dressing up? A latex nurse outfit? Sign me up!

There is also the Paddington Police station, it is not old, it is not a marvel of modern or ancient architecture but it is the most advanced station in all England, one of the best in whole Europe. It is so awesome that they keep the most notorious and dangerous criminals inside, stories say that most of the facility is placed underground like in the movies. Even Steven Seagal could not get in or out of this prison using his super chi powers, it is that secure. Though I suppose the guards are still human and therefore corrupt so if you pay enough I guess they would allow you to screw a Paddington Escort in a cell if it is a fantasy of yours.

Victoria, The Mitre, The Bridge House, The Duke of Kendall or awesome spots to visit if you feel like breathing in some nightlife in Paddington, modern DJ Bar called cherryjam for a few drinks chilling with your escort in Paddington, just to name a few. It is a simple choice really, if you do not want to spend your time alone in Paddington, call us and we will arrange some high quality company for you, we guarantee satisfaction and fulfilment of all your screwed up kinks, call us today for a limited time offer.