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Mayfair is an area in Central London, it is best known for its ridiculous rent prices, being among highest in the whole world, not only London. It is laced with posh restaurants and expensive boutiques, it is mainly a commercial district but Mayfair is also the area in London where most embassies reside. It is named after a fair that took place in May.

Mayfair has a very rich historical background, being mainly a rural area back during the ancient days it started developing when someone built a market there. The area also has an alleged Romanian settlement history but it is not yet proven. That market, nowadays still standing, is called Shepherds Market and is the central area of town, meeting point of several main street of high importance and commercial value in Mayfair. It is also home to many escort agencies, Mayfair escorts are among the best in entire county, they just have to be the most desired in an area with such high rent prices and general exclusiveness.

Mayfair has come a long way since ancient time, the district is now mainly commercial. There is still a large number of high quantity of high quality real estates , as well as some exclusive shopping and London’s premier congregation of luxurious hotels and restaurants. Buildings in Mayfair include both the Canadian High Commission and the United States embassy in Grosvenor Square, the Royal Academy of Arts, The Handel House Museum, the Grosvenor House Hotel, Claridge’s and The Dorchester.

There are also many points of interested scattered around that you can visit with escorts in Mayfair, for example embassies that always make quite an impression, especially the united states one. There are also quite a few schools like the Royal School of Arts for the artistically talented. The Handel House Museum is an interesting attraction as well, definitely worth visiting. If you are feeling generous, you could take your hired company to the Dorchester, the flag five star hotel of Mayfair, bound to make a huge impression on any young and beautiful lady.