Marble Arch Escorts

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Marble Arch is a landmark and the area around it in City of Westiminster district in Central London. Several bus lines and a tube lead to the monument. It is named after a beautiful marble arch, that was build in 1837 as a doorway to Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign. Soon after the coronation, the Queen noticed that the palace is not quite large enough to fit all her family and court, thus it had to be slightly rebuilt and the arch got moved closer to the Hyde Park park, more specifically to a roundabout there standing on crossroads of the most famous streets of London.

The area is strictly speaking the centre of London, crowds of people everywhere, escorts in Marble Arch come exactly from that modern, white collar kind of people, classy and exclusive. Funny fact: there used to be a police station inside the Arch, there are three very small, claustrophobic rooms etched into it, some unlucky policemen had to endure being stationed inside it.

Marble Arch lays where Oxford Street, Park Lane and Bayswater Road come together. Each of those streets is a commercial center on its own, pubs, bars, club, avant-garde shops at every step, it is like Times Square New York in Europe. Marble Arch stands on the site of the former Tyburn Gallows. 1196 was the year of the first recorded execution, 1783 being the last. It is known for being one of the most haunted places in London, allegedly.

Within a walking distance from Marble Arch you can find the Winter Wonderland amusement park with a multitude of attractions for a man child, or you could go check the famous Huge Spinning Wheel of throw up near Thames . All in all, Marble Arch area is an amazing place in London, lots of fun and filled with interesting attractions, it is a perfect place to spend a weekend at partying and generally having a good time.

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