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Hyde Park is one of the few Royal Parks in London, similar to Central Park in New York it is pretty damn huge, it is also known for its Speaker’s Corner. It is also known as a starting point of several past protest marches. Hyde Park has been bombed several times during the world wars.

Hyde Park is separated by two streams: the Serpentine and the Long Water, it is also connected to Kensington Gardens, those two are the most widely known green areas of London as a matter of fact Hyde Park reaches as far as Kensington. Entrance to Hyde Park, called…The Grand Entrance is also a sight to behold, huge and impressive building erected in year 1825. The Park is open from dusk till dawn, in case you are planning on having some sexy time with a Hyde Park escort in moon lighten bushes.

From another side, Hyde Park stretches as far as the Marble Arch, a portal to the Buckingham Palace and a former Tyburn Gallow that now resides at a meeting point of Londons most commercially significant streets. Hyde Park houses many important landmarks, including sightseeing must-see’s like: The Speakers Corner an open air debate place, like in ancient Greece. Princess Diane, the World Trade Center catastrophe and Holocaust memorials. It is a lot to cover so make sure you have proper company such as an escort in Hyde Park.

The Park is also the site for concerts and events in London that usually amass thousands upon thousands of people. Most famous concerts include Live 8 during which Pink Floyd played together again after almost 30 years of being apart, or the amazing Queen concert in 1976 when over two hundred thousand people came to enjoy their music. But the record belongs to the Rolling Stones in 1969 when the crowd reached a blowing five hundred fans!

Hyde Park and the whole area surrounding it, with exclusive hotels, michelene star worthy restaurants and charming café’s is an ideal place in London to spend some memorable time with someone special, like a Hyde Park escort girl for example, a sexy lady that will do anything you want and want bitch and whine when you have had a few beers.