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London escorts is currently looking for amazing, hot tempered women to fill their ranks.

If you live in the UK and you are currently unemployed, this offer might be perfect for you. We are currently looking for young, sexy women with an open mind, fit body and a dazzling smile, personality is not of importance if you posses substantial acting skills. Positive attitude and an open mind, prone to suggestion are as much of a desirable quality as firm tits and round ass. If you consider your body of as much importance as your face and smile, or personal characteristics, spend a lot of time in your local gym working for a tight and healthy body, you might be just the right person for this job.

If you are thinking of applying, first make sure you are VERY open minded, educated and you can communicate in English, second language is desirable, different clients have different needs and we aim to meet them all. Our clients come from different backgrounds, you might be required to join one of them and his friends in an art gallery or theatre, embarrassing our customers infront of their colleagues is unacceptable. We want to form long lasting relationships with our clients, and it all depends on you, you have to be eloquent, nothing can faze you, no matter how weird or kinky the request.

Now let us talking about what you would getting from us as your employer.
First of all, we offer a stable job with a very high pay. Our girls can easily afford the highest standard of living, fancy apartment, new wardrobe, studies, a good car, all in all a very comfortable living with a decent possibility to save enough money to retire and live a good life in your old age. You could save up for an apartment of your own, a car, whatever you want. Why not study further and get a diploma? We make sure our girls are safe when they are out with their clients, we guarantee you a health insurance policy, gym and pool memberships and even a tanning salon membership. If we consider you a valuable asset to our company we might even pay for any plastic surgeries you could want.

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